Sending Console logs to Tenfold

Some problems require detailed logs to diagnose. There are 7 quick steps. If any are unclear, ask us at (or use the support button).

Quick Tip:

Console windows may open in a new window or a “docked” window to the side or bottom of your current browser page. To dock/undock your console, click the icon in the top right corner (see below).




1) Open your Background Console.

Click here: chrome://extensions/. Check the box that says “Developer Mode”, then click the “background page” link under the Tenfold heading (see below).


2) Turn on debug mode.

Click on the menu item at the top right that says “Console”. Clear your log history by clicking the icon in the top left corner. On the now empty first line, type “callinizeUser.debug=1” as shown below and hit enter.




3) Turn on timestamps.

Click the gear icon in the top right corner. Scroll down and click on Show timestamps & close this window.



4) Open and clear the JavaScript Console.

Click on View->Developer->JavaScript Console.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Command – Option – J (Mac)
Control -Shift -J (Windows/Linux).(For more info: Javascript Console Basic Operation)

5) Clear the console.

Click the icon in the top left corner.


6) Repeat your problem sequence.

Click or call or take whatever actions you would to reproduce the problem you are seeing.

7) Save/send logs.

Go back to the Javascript Console window.

– Mac: Click File-> Print and Save as a PDF.
– Windows: Maximize the JavaScript console and printscreen.Send this file to along with a description of the problem that you are having.

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