Custom CRM Module Integration

Custom CRM Module Integration

Update: 7/1/2016

Overview: Some CRMs allow the creation of custom modules to help businesses track data that does not fit the standard labeling of Accounts, Opportunities and Leads. This article provides a quick guide for configuring these custom modules to integrate with Tenfold.


Custom Modules

Tenfold treats custom modules the same as Contact or Account modules, which keeps integration and usage simple. There are countless custom modules that can be created. For the sake of simplicity, a few examples include:

  • “Target” module in SugarCRM
  • “People” module in Salesforce
  • “Subscriptions” module in Salesforce

At the time of a call, we find and display the relevant information pulled from the CRM custom module such as activity history.


If there are multiple matching records, the custom module records are displayed alongside Contact, Lead, and Account matches.


If there are no matching records found, we enable searches of existing custom module records so you can log calls exactly where you want them.



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