Salesforce Error: Unable to Save Record

Salesforce Error: Unable to Save Record

Update: 11/2/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick explanation of a known Salesforce error that can occur when attempting to edit or save a record and best practices to prevent it.


“The record you were editing was modified by ____ during your edit session.”

This is a somewhat common error that can occur in Salesforce that is designed to prevent multiple contacts from applying conflicting edits that could overwrite data in record.

This is due to a Salesforce feature known as “Edit Collision.”  This is a feature that will keep users from editing a record too many times.

This error occurs when a user clicks “Save” on the Tenfold Floating UI to log a call to a CRM record that is already open in a browser tab and then tries to edit this record without refreshing the page.


The following can help prevent this error from occurring:

  • If you have a tab open to edit a Lead, Contact, Account, or Case record, click SAVE on this page before you click save in the Floating UI.
  • If you have a tab open with a Lead, Contact, Account or Case record and you save your call notes to this record using Tenfold, refresh the record before making any other changes.
  • An admin can enable “Don’t Auto Log calls” and modify their workflow which will work around this error.  To do this, create the lead while on the call, and hit save in Salesforce.  When the record refreshes, after the call ends hit save with your notes and dispositions, this will create the record and attach the phone call without worrying about the error.

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