Salesforce Call Logging with Tenfold

What calls are logged?

Tenfold logs all calls automatically in Salesforce under the following conditions

– call matches a single record in Salesforce
– call matches multiple records and the user selects a record using the Floating UI
– call matches no records but the user finds or creates one using the Floating UI

What calls are not logged?

Even if a call is a multi-match or a no-match case and the user does not select a record to associate, the call will be shown in the Tenfold Analytics:

– internal calls (unless configured to be) will not be logged anywhere
– for transfer calls (for most phone systems) log only the last leg
– ringgroup and queue calls (for most phone systems) which are answered by someone else are logged only to that person.
– missed calls are always logged in tenfold analytics but not pushed to Salesforce

What does a logged call look like?


What data is logged to Salesforce?

Tenfold logs call data to a Task (Activity) record. we update the following fields in Salesforce:

Link Data

Assigned To: set to the person who logged the call
Created By: initially set to the tenfold SF user
Lead Owner: set to the person who logged the call
Last Modified By: initially set to the tenfold SF user
Related to Name: the record which was selected in the Floating UI
Related to Account: the name (if applicable) of the parent account
Meta Data

Date Time: date and time of the call
Last Modified Date/Time: date and time of the call unless updated after the call
Due Date: date of the call
Type: this is always set to “call”
Call Type: direction of the call “Inbound” or “Outbound”
Status: always set to completed

Call Data

Subject: first 60 characters of comments -or- “Inbound Call” -or- “Outbound Call”
Comments: “–Auto Created by Tenfold” -or- call notes as entered in Floating UI
Call Duration: time from call start to call end (includes ringing)
Phone: phone number on the call
Call Inbound Extension: only used if your plan includes and you have enabled DID tracking
If on a plan that includes Dispositions, tenfold call logging can update values on any of your custom picklist fields!

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