S-Net Configuration Instructions

These instructions are specific to customers who have SNET as their provider.

1. Provide SNET with the snippet on the configuration page and have them setup AMI.

2. SNET will provide you with the following settings: your host, your context, and depending on your server they will tell you may need to also set the items in step 4.

3. Enter the values into phone configuration page.

4. If they provided you with a organization prefix, then you will also need to set the following substituting 999 with the prefix they give you:
onlyLogIfChannelMatch: ^sip/999
internalMatch: ^(sip/999(\d{3,6})-|Local)
dialinExtMatch: sip/999(\d{3,6})-|Local/(?:.*?)(\d{2,10})#?@

### Troubleshooting
If click to dial isn’t working, it’s likely your context is not set properly. If you’re not getting Floating UI, it’s likely dialInExtMatch or internal match.

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