Restarting Cloud Connect Services

Restarting Cloud Connect Services

Updated: 6/12/2018

Overview: This article provides a walkthrough for restarting Cloud Connect services, which commonly completed to remedy issues related to call logging and click to dial functionality.

Note: If your calls have stopped reporting in Analytics or if click to dial is not working as expected, you should first verify that your Cloud Connect Client and Monitor are running properly.

To verify that Cloud Connect is monitoring calls, sign in to the Admin dashboard > Click “Troubleshooting” tab > Cloud Connect Monitor. You should see TCP and phone events here.

Basic Cloud Connect Troubleshooting

If your organization utilizes an on-premise PBX, your Tenfold integration uses the Cloud Connect service. This is a lightweight service installed on a server at your site configured to send events to our cloud servers to help us monitor the health of your extensions and phone events.

Basic troubleshooting will typically involve a restart of the Cloud Connect services. The following steps will help you with completing this process:

1. Close Tenfold in your systems tray.

Note: Systems tray is in the bottom right corner of your desk top, simply right click on the  Tenfold Icon, and close.

2. Open the Windows Services on the Cloud Connect server. See this resource for additional details.

3. Ensure all of the following services are stopped, and then start them in this order:

  • Go Connect Server
  • Go Telephony
  • Go HTTP Server
  • CallinizeBridge (Note: this is sometimes labeled TenfoldBridge instead)
  • Cloud Connect Client (Note: this will not always be listed)


4. Close Tenfold from systems tray, again.

5Right click on Cloud Connect Client, run as administrator.

Note: This will ensure that Cloud connect services are consistently running in the back ground with out the need of managing through out your workflow.

6. If services still are not running properly, restart the server hosting Cloud Connect.

Additional Items to Consider

If applicable, restarting your Connect Services is a great troubleshooting step to ensure CTD and call tracking works optimally.

Note: Make sure that this server is always on. If the server is turned off for any reason, you can potentially interrupt your organization’s workflow. We recommend to schedule windows updates during off hours to ensure all systems run smoothly.

When troubleshooting issues with your Cloud Connect server, it is best practice to make note of the following items:

  • Were extensions showing up as onhook / offhook? If shown as “offline” there is likely an issue with the PBX.
  • Were there calls in call history?
  • Did completed calls appear in the calls tab?
  • Did the external facing IP Address change?


If you are seeing this Java Script Error, it means that the program is not being run as an Administrator.

How to resolve:

1. Tenfold services in systems tray.
2. Ensure you are running Cloud Connect as an Administrator.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about your on-premise system, please feel free to reach out to our support team here!

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