Reseller / Partner Program FAQ

If you think you might be interested in becoming a reseller, please read our FAQ to find out some basics on how our program works.

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Q. Is there any cost to me to become a Reseller?

No, It’s free!

Q. Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, you need to sign our reseller contract. The latest version is attached at the bottom of this FAQ.

Q. Can my customers sign up on your website and I receive a commission each month?

Yes. Register your lead in the shared google doc provided on signup. Each quarter, we multiply the sum of all your orders * your commission rate and send you a check.

Q. Can I invoice the Tenfold licenses directly to my customers and buy them from Tenfold at a discounted price?

Yes, this is the most popular option for most of our resellers. In this model, we will keep your credit card on file. When you make a sale, we will bill your card. All pricing on our website is what you charge the end-user. We in turn charge you for the same amount. Commission checks are mailed quarterly for US resellers. For international resellers, we will wire your commission via bank transfer after the commission due exceeds $500.

Q. What about an affiliate relationship?

The affiliate relationship is ideal if your organization doesn’t want to do any of the heavy lifting on getting a sale. You can generate revenue by writing a blog article or adding our logo to your site. We provide you with a tracking code that attributes orders you place to you. Tenfold pays a 1 time commission, after customer payment, equal to:

1 month fee paid by the customer, if customer subscribes to a monthly plan
2 months fee paid by the customer, if customer subscribes to a yearly plan
Q. Can I charge my customer whatever I want?

In the resale model, no. You cannot sell Tenfold for a higher price than on the website when you are selling Tenfold individually. This leads to brand confusion around the internet when people Google Tenfold and see several conflicting prices for the same service. If your are an OEM and bundling Tenfold with say your phone service, in this scenario you are only responsible for paying us the license fee.

Q. Do I get a protected area or state?

No, Tenfold is an international company and sells its product directly and through Resellers. But we recommend large customers to buy through our nearest resellers to get local support & integration services.

Q. Will Tenfold compete with us and sell CRM services & customizations to customers?

Tenfold focuses on telephony integrations. The only services we bill customers for is customization to Tenfold. If we get requests for CRM customizations, we refer the customer to our partners as this helps strengthen our partnership.

Q. When are the licenses due to Tenfold and commissions paid by Tenfold?

Tenfold pays out it’s commissions quarterly (commision). License fees are charged to card before the account is live.

Q. If I am a Reseller, do I have to do everything myself to make the sale?

Your role is to do the heavy lifting, but both technical and sales support is only a call away.

Q. Is training available to help me understand the features and benefits?

Yes, Tenfold will provide your team with the training needed to get started. We can assist you with your first sales.

Q. Do I have to provide the level 1 support (user helpdesk)?

No, Tenfold provides direct support to all users, through our support and ticketing system accessible in each user’s Tenfold portal. Please note, support is only offered in English at this time.

Q. How do I declare my prospects and my sales to Tenfold?

We provide you with a google spreadsheet where you can register your leads. If your customer buys from us directly, you will still be credited.

Q. How can my customer add or delete users?

This depends on how the licenses were purchased. In the most common scenario, the users buy annual licenses from the reseller. We enable this many licenses. If they want to add more, they will need to contact you, you’ll send us an email, and we’ll add licenses to their account after charging your credit card. If the customer buys the licenses directly from us, it’s a bit easier. Whenever a license is enabled in on the users tab, we automatically increase their licenses.

Q. Where can I find the Price list?

The price list is public on our website

Q. How can I cancel my customer subscription?

We hope to have a special reseller portal in the future where you can manage licenses. In the meantime, email with the request. NO refund for unused period. What other fees are there? At the time of writing this FAQ, we have left some pricing information off our website. The more traditional PBX’s typically cannot be interfaced purely from the Cloud due to security issues. For these systems, we have a “Cloud Connector” software which must be installed on the LAN on a windows box. One Time Fees: $1250 – Cloud Connector License $2000 – Professional Services, more hands on setup/deployment, acceptance testing.

Q. How can I find out more?

We also have a reseller portal. Once your organization has signed on with us as a reseller, you will be able to access this reseller portal. This portal contains details about the ordering process, tips on figuring out when extra fees apply and various other helpful articles.

For more info or a call-back, sign up here:

2014 Tenfold Reseller Agreement-v5.pdf (200 KB)
Tenfold Agreement Exhibit A – International.pdf (100 KB)
Tenfold Agreement Exhibit A – US.pdf (100 KB)

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