Polycom Deskphone – sip.cfg

Polycom Desk Phone – sip.cfg

Updated: 9/17/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick overview of updating the sip.cfg file to enable you to set up Polycom Desk Phone extensions for use with Tenfold.


Getting Started

In most cases, you will want to configure your Polycom through the webadmin portal.

If your phone service provider uses auto-provisioning and their configuration overrides these settings, you can either disable auto-provisioning or you can ask them to update your phones sip.cfg file with the settings below.

Before sending this data, determine your organization ID and replace <ORGID> in the first line with this string.

To determine your organization ID, log into the Tenfold Dashboard as an admin, go to Company Settings ->Company and the Organization ID will be at the top.

apps.push.serverRootURL=/push (if VVX otherwise blank) 


Note: For phone.com users who are unable to access their Admin portal, additional configuration might be required to enable click to dial events.

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