Please tell me how Email template works?

Some people comment that they have a few users who see an email template in their dropdown list and a few that don’t.

The email template feature is kind of like an easter egg 🙂 Remember those easter eggs built into Windows 95?


We do not advertise it that often, but if users figure out how to use it, the feature exists.*

Why some users see and others do not is because we do not display the feature when:

1) The matching lead / contact from the CRM does not have an email address

2) If a user has not configured their templates on the profile page


Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 1.45.50 PM

*The reason we do not advertise the feature is because we do not want to build a fancy email editor into our product. That has been done before and others do that better than we do. After developing this tool we had a feature request to link a user’s CRM email templates (e.g. Salesforce Email Templates) to our floating UI instead of using our own email generation tool. We think this is the superior approach, because it is not reliant on your own email client and the email builder is more powerful.

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