Tenfold Embedded UI (OpenCTI)

Tenfold Embedded UI (OpenCTI)

Updated: 12/3/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick summary of our Embedded UI for Salesforce Lightning and Classic views. This UI provides an alternative to the Floating UI and may be more conducive to the workflow of your organization. For installation instructions, Admins should see our Embedded UI Installation Guide.


Embedded UI Overview

Tenfold’s Embedded UI is a package that can be installed directly to your organization’s Salesforce instance by your CRM Admin.

While the features of Tenfold’s Floating UI and Embedded UI are essentially identical, the Embedded UI allows agents to view Tenfold directly within Salesforce with several interface changes.

Call Data

  1. Call Direction: Incoming or Outgoing.
  2. Call Duration: Measures call length in real time.
  3. Status: The dot is yellow before the call connects, green while connected, and red after the hangup.
  4. Profile Type: Lead, Contact, Account, etc.
  5. Profile Name: Links to the CRM record for that profile, with buttons to manage that profile next to it.
  6. Company: Links to the CRM record for that Account.
  7. Profile Phone Number: Can be click to dialed.
  8. Activity History for the Record: Shows cases, notes, and tasks related to the CRM Record.
    Note: Activity history loads based on the CRM Record. If it is missing, verify the record associated with the call.

OpenCTI Call Data


Functionality and Features

  1. Review Activities: Click on the arrows shown below to scroll through previous notes and activities saved for this profile.
  2. Add Call Notes: Use the notes box to save information about your current call.
  3. Create a Case/Opportunity: Allows you to create a case/opportunity associated with the profile. See the Case Creation With Tenfold article for more details.
  4. SMS Integration: Send SMS messages directly to prospects and customers during or after the call. Enables communication across another channel for users who may respond better to texts. See the Floating UI SMS Guide for more details.
  5. Email Templates: If you have configured email templates on the profile page of your Tenfold Dashboard, this menu will allow you to select which email template you wish you use.
  6. Create Follow-Up Task: Use the date picker to schedule a follow-up task or event.
  7. Dispositions: Quickly assign key attributes to every call. See the Dispositions Guide for more details.

OpenCTI Functionality Features

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