No Call Pop-up Troubleshooting

If ALL incoming & outgoing calls dialed manually DO NOT SHOW a popup like the one below, you should use this guide. If only some calls do not show a popup, skip to the section below on Step #4.

If manual dial shows a popup, but click-to-dial DOES NOT, use the Click-To-Dial Troubleshooting guide.


Step #1: Check your setup.

Make sure you are using Chrome, you have the Callinize extension installed: chrome://extensions, and you are logged in.

If any dashboard page below asks for a username & password, you are logged out of Callinize. Sign in and see if this resolves the no-call-popup problem.

Step #2: Check your configuration.

– See if we logged your phone events:
– If there are calls logged for you, your configuration is correct. Skip to Step #4.
– Verify your extension (aka device) is correct:
– If using the Callinize softphone, verify your Org ID is set correctly.
– Callinize Admins: if you see a broken link icon by your name on the users tab, click on the synchronize users button in the top right corner.

Step #3: Verify you are allowing third-party cookies.

– Tenfold uses third party cookies for Chrome Extension mechanics, blocking these types of files will prevent the popup from deploying

– Verify your your Chrome browser settings are setup to allow third party cookies

– Go to “Chrome Settings,” “Settings,” search for “Third” and “Content Settings” to view this table


– Setting should be set as above

Step #4: Try a fresh start.

Log out of Callinize and restart Chrome. Some updates to the extension may need to be reloaded. This is rare, but possible so restarting is a good measure. Clear your Callinize cookies first. Go to chrome://settings/cookies and search for callinize. Click on remove all.

Step #4: Sending Logs to Callinize

If you still have no call popups, please send us your Chrome Extension logs: Gather Chrome Console Logs for Troubleshooting

Include these answers:

1) Did you used to see popups and they stopped working? If so, about when?

2) What is your Callinize username (email address)?

3) Are popups working for anyone else on your team?

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