Nextiva Click to Dial Checklist

Nextiva users will often need more than one extension assigned. The number of extensions depends on the number of devices configured for each Nextiva user.

Before you can use your Nextiva devices with Tenfold click-to-dial, first confirm you are able to make and receive phone calls with each device.

Common extension formats include:

This extension can be found on the user Profile in the Nextiva portal under “Addresses”. This will almost always be the extension which should be selected as ‘Primary’ for click-to-dial. This extension should appear in the dashboard profile drop-down list after the first inbound call.

This extension is available in the dashboard profile drop-down list only after the first outbound call.
If you wish to use the Nextiva App, you must call Nextiva and request that they enable “Alert all user for click to dial”.

Ensure that the login credentials you are using for the Phone system information in the dashboard reflects admin-level credentials.  We will be unable to monitor phone events or generate extensions from a user-level portal login.

Nextiva Support: (866) 456-0842

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