This article will cover the installation and setup for the NetSuite Restlet. This will greatly improve the look up times for interactions between the NetSuite API and Tenfold.


  1. Add Scripts to NetSuite
  2. Setup RESTlet Endpoints
  3. Save Endpoints in Tenfold Dashboard


Add Scripts to NetSuite

You will need a Contact, Lead, or Account to associate unmatched calls in your CRM. You can designate a contact that already exists or you can create a new one and name it something such as “Unmatched Calls.”

The RESTlet scripts can be downloaded from https://storage.googleapis.com/tenfold-netsuite-restlet/tenfold-restlet.zip

Once the zip file has been downloaded, log into NetSuite and upload the files.

Select Documents > Files > SuiteScripts


Click on “Advanced Add”

Under ZIP ARCHIVE TO ADD, click on “Choose File” and select the tenfold-restlet.zip file that was just downloaded.

Create a new folder called “tenfold-restlet”

Make sure load.js, netsuite_toolkit.js, search.js, and upsert.js are in the folder.


Setup RESTlet Endpoints

You will now be creating four RESTlet endpoints corresponding to each of the following uploaded files: load.js, search.js, upsert.js and endpoint.js.

Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Scripts

For each of the the three scripts perform the following steps:

1. Click on “New Script

2. Click on the down arrows in the SCRIPT FILE field and click on “List”

3. From the first dropdown select “SuiteScripts : tenfold-restlet” and select the script you are setting up.

4. Click on “Create Script Record”, name the script “Tenfold <script name>”. That will be Tenfold Load, Tenfold Search, and Tenfold Upsert depending on the script you are creating.


5. In the POST FUNCTION field, enter <script name>PostHandler

load.js -> loadPostHandler

search.js -> searchPostHandler

upsert.js -> upsertPostHandler

endpoint.js -> endpointPostHandler


6. Under “Libraries” make sure to include “netsuite_toolkit.js” for each:

7. Click “Save” then “Deploy Script” or “Save and Deploy”:

8. Setup the deployment as follows:

Status – Released

Select Admin under departments

Employees – select all

9. Click “Save”. Then select “RESTlet” from the next page

10. After deploying, copy the EXTERNAL URL for the script. This will be provided in the CRM settings on the Tenfold Dashboard.

This is accessible from Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments


Save Endpoints in Tenfold Dashboard

Log on to your admin Tenfold Dashboard. Navigate to Company Settings > CRM. Click Change Advanced Options, paste the External URL’s from NetSuite. When finished click Save.


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