Asterisk Integration Setup Guide

Asterisk Integration Setup Guide

Updated: 8/31/2017

Overview: This article covers the supported versions of Asterisk, as well as Quick setup instructions, Tenfold Integration details, access requirements, and authentication instructions.


Supported Versions

  • Asterisk 1.6-1.8
  • Asterisk 11
  • Asterisk 12
  • Asterisk 13


Quick Instructions (scroll down for detailed instructions)

Check the setup wizard and dashboard for the most up-to-date instructions. Or click here to open a new support ticket.

1. Determine the external IP address or hostname for your Asterisk server.

2. Make sure port 5038 on this server is accessible from the addresses listed below.

3. Copy the permit lines listed on your phone settings page into the manager.conf file on your Asterisk server.

Asterisk + Tenfold Integration Details

Tenfold gathers Asterisk phone events through the Asterisk Management Interface (AMI). This integration requires that you allow Tenfold to access and authenticate through this interface.


The standard AMI port is 5038, though yours may vary.

If your server is behind a firewall, you will need to open this port to the following addresses:,, &


To receive event notifications,  needs to authenticate with Asterisk through the AMI port. After providing access as described above, make sure to allow for this login.

Screenshots below are for PBXinaFlash. Each Asterisk distro varies slightly where the Config Edit Menu option is, but the process is essentially the same. When in doubt, Google “Asterisk Management Interface” + your distro name.

Your permit lines should look like the below where you replace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your organization ID.

You can locate your organization ID here:




1. You can set your secret to anything that you would like. Be sure to specify this both in the permit lines added to your Asterisk manager.conf file as well as in the Tenfold Admin Phone System Config Tab.

2. It is preferable that you use Queues rather than Ring Groups in Asterisk.

3. What if you use a multi-tenant Asterisk server? (read this article)

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