Manage Tenfold Cookies

Manage Tenfold Cookies

Updated: 11/6/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick explanation of why Tenfold utilizes cookies and how you can further manage them if needed.


Tenfold Cookies in Chrome

Before Tenfold can save information to your CRM and track your calls, you must first be logged in. In an effort to provide the most seamless user experience possible, Tenfold will keep you logged in automatically by keeping a locally stored cookie in Chrome. This is common with many leading online services and without it, users would have to log back in to Tenfold with every fresh Chrome session they launched.


Locating & Removing Tenfold Cookies

If needed, you can find and remove Tenfold cookies by following the steps below.

1. Paste this in your Chrome URL: chrome://settings/siteData
2. Search for “tenfold” in the upper right
Note: this is case sensitive and must be lowercase

Tenfold Cookies


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