Feature: Local Presence



This article will show Admins how to enable Local Presence for users as well as show Users how to turn on/off this feature from the Tenfold Extension. 

Admin: How to Enable Local Presence

Local Presence is only available for  plans. To enable this feature, log into the Dashboard under the administrator account and click on Features at the top. You should see the Local Presence option on the left. Enable or Disable this preference based on your Organization’s preference.



Once Local Presence is enabled, you can enable it per user. This is done by looking up the User, clicking on the Settings button to the Right of the User () and click the Allow Local Presence checkbox.



Users: How to Enable Local Presence

Once the Local Presence feature has been Enabled in the Dashboard for the Organization AND the User, this feature can be enabled/disabled by clicking on the Tenfold Extension button on the top-right of the Chrome browser, going to Settings, and clicking on the On/Off toggle.



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