Linksys Deskphone Configuration

Linksys Deskphone Configuration

Updated: 8/13/2018

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for configuring a Linksys Deskphone with Tenfold when leveraging a device-level integration.

Please Note:

  • Do not have an active call on the phone being configured during this setup. This can prevent settings from saving.
  • Desk phone integrations require static IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses may conflict with analytics and click to dial functionality.


Configuration Steps

1. Determine the Deskphone’s IP Address

  • On the physical phone, select Menu > Status.
  • Locate the IP Address in this list.


2. Open Phone Configuration Page

Copy and paste the following line in to the Chrome URL bar: http:/IP_ADDRESS/admin/advanced

Replace IP_ADDRESS with the one you gathered in Step 1 (e.g.

  • For WIP310 use: http://IP_ADDRESS/admin
  • For Vocalocity use: http://IP_ADDRESS:2006


By default, Linksys (Cisco) allows Admin login with no username or password. If that fails, try Admin for the username with no password.

Notes: If the default password doesn’t work, your phone provider changed it. You will need to contact them to get this login information.
For you must call their support to have them enable the web console


3. Configure the Debug Server

1. Get your Event URL from the setup wizard (or if already complete, open the Admin Dashboard Phone Settings).
2. In your phone webadmin page, navigate to System and find the “Optional Network Configuration” section.
3. Paste the Cisco Event URL in the Debug Server field (e.g.
4. In the same section, set the Debug Level to 3.
5. Finally, set your SIP Debug Option to “full excl. REG” (usually under Ext 1 > SIP Settings).


5. Make a Test Call to Register the Extension with Tenfold

Completing a test call causes Tenfold to begin monitoring traffic from this extension. See our guide on Registering/Assigning User Extensions for more information on this step.

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