Incorrect Call Timer in Floating UI

Incorrect Call Timer in Floating UI

Updated: 10/15/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for troubleshooting steps that can be completed to address a call timer staying a “00:00:00” longer than expected, or not updating until the call ends.


System Time vs. Server Time

Your system clock shows your local system time, typically located in the top right corner on Macs and the bottom right corner on Windows. In many cases, this time may be different from our server time by a minute or more which can result in some discrepancies with the call timer in the Floating UI.

The Floating UI uses the difference between the server time and your local time to manage the counter. If your clock time is different than our server clock time, you may see the Floating UI timer to stay at 00:00:00 until your local time catches up with the start time of the call as detected by our servers, or until we receive a “hangup” event for your call.


The Resolution

In System Preferences, you can find your local system time including seconds.


Compare your local time with the official time. If there is a difference, you may need to adjust your local time.

For the greatest level of accuracy and ease of use, we recommend enabling your system to synchronize your local system time with these servers automatically. This is available within your Date & Time settings for your computer.

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