Inbound Number (Campaign) Tracking

If you have a supported phone system, we can track the phone number your leads are calling!

How does it work?

Your phone system sends us an event indicating you are receiving an inbound call which contains a number that maps to a campaign you are running. We then log this number to a custom field on an object in your CRM. Options include

– Call Activity (Task) record
– Lead record
– Contact record
– Account record
– Custom Objects (premium plans)

To configure your CRM for Inbound Number tracking, select your CRM below

What does it look like?

The following is a sample call record in Salesforce shows how we can store an inbound number to a custom field. From here, you can build out reports that take advantage of this tracking ID.


Supported phone systems

(not exhaustive)

– Avaya
– Asterisk
– Cisco UCM
– Broadsoft
– Nextiva
– Mitel
– Digium / Switchvox
– Elastix
– any system based on Broadsoft or Asterisk
– most on-premise PBXs


Salesforce Configuration Steps

1. Login to Salesforce as an administrator
2. Click “Setup” in the top left corner
3. Find the option “Customize” under Build in the left-hand panel
4. Find the “Activity” section and select “Activity Custom Fields”
5. Add a custom field of type Text (30) and with the name Call_Inbound_Extension__c


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