How do I get call data out of Salesforce?

Tenfold stores call data in Salesforce. You can view this data in the analytics tab on the Tenfold Dashboard, or build custom reports using Salesforce tools. The example below generates a report of basic call data.

1. Open the “Reports” section of Salesforce.

You will see a button called “New Report…”. This is where you can create a new report to view all of your call data. The report we create in this article is for all team call history, but you can customize your report for other information as needed.


2. Select Activity Report

Once you have a basic report displaying, you can add additional fields by selecting items on the left and dragging them into your report.

Tenfold saves the following fields in Salesforce:

– Subject
– Comment
– Call Duration (minutes)
– Call Duration (seconds)
– Call Types
– Start / End / Date


salesforce report

3. Click on the “Export Details”

Once you have your final report with all of the data you are interested in and filtered as needed, you can export. This will save your data in a format that can be read by other reporting applications.


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