How do I disable a user?

There are several ways to disable or disconnect Tenfold services for a user.
Here are your options:

Completely remove the user from Tenfold

1. Remove or deactivate the user in your CRM (Salesforce, Sugar, etc…)
2. Disable the user in Tenfold by clicking the green checkmark so it turns red.
3. Click “Synchronize Users”. The disabled user should be gone.

Disable all call logging and Floating UI’s for a single user

1. Click the green checkmark so that it turns red.
2. You can leave extensions assigned.
3. The user will still have access to the dashboard.

Stop logging calls for a single device to a user
1. Find the extension of the device listed next to the user in the dashboard.
2. Remove the assigned extension you would like to stop tracking
3. The user will no longer see a Floating UI for calls to and from the removed extension and these calls will not be logged to the CRM.

Disable dashboard (therefore analytics) access for a user

1. Find the settings icon next to the user (3 horizontal lines) in the dashboard
2. Select “Change Password” and set a new password (keep in mind the user can use the “forgot my password” link to reset this
3. See: Dashboard User Access to read about what users see when they log into the dashboard.

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