How do I add users to Tenfold?

You can add and remove users from Tenfold any time. Adding a user allows you to assign a phone device (extension) so that we can begin logging their calls to your CRM and they can see the call Floating UI for these calls.

1. Add the user in your CRM.

Each user will need to have a unique CRM ID and unique CRM email address. Upon first importing users into Tenfold from your CRM, we use the CRM email address to create the Tenfold email address they will use on login. If you reuse accounts in your CRM, this may cause a conflict on synchronization.

2. Synchronize users with Tenfold.

As the Tenfold admin user, log into the dashboard and go to the users tab: Click on the “Synchronize Users” button in the top right corner to bring a list of your CRM users into Tenfold. Only the admin user is enabled by default. Continue on to enable (invite) a new user.


3. Assign the user’s phone extension/device.

Before a user’s phone extension or device can be assigned, the device must first be registered (an external call made or received from the device that posts events to our servers). Once registered (read more here), it can be assigned in the dashboard:

If you do not see a drop-down list of extensions, contact support to verify your phone system setup:


4. Invite the user to use Tenfold.

The invite button below will send the user an email to the email address synchronized from your CRM. This email prompts your new Tenfold user to install the Tenfold Chrome plugin and to set a password for login. After installing this plugin, all calls in and out of their extension will show a Floating UI on their screen!

Note: To change this email, click on the support tab on the right-hand side of your dashboard and let us know what you need this to be.


Bojan Ulemek

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