Follow-up Task Phrases and Creation

Tenfold streamlines calls workflows by recognizing when you need a reminder to follow-up and auto-creating this reminder for you!

Enter notes as you would speak them and notice phrases like “follow up next Monday” trigger task-creation.

A green calendar icon indicates we detected a reminder phrase and on “Save”, Tenfold creates a task for you with the date shown in the calendar icon tooltip!

screencapture (56)

screencapture (57)

Action Phrases
“Call”, “Follow Up”, “FU”, “CB”, “Task”, “Remind me to call”, “Remind”, “Remind me”, “Retry”, “Try again”

If English is not your native language, we can add your preferred translations. Just email us at
We do not support setting tasks for a particular time at this point.

“Remind me Tomorrow”
“Remind me on saturday.”
“Remind me in 1 week”
“Remind me next month”
“Remind me on wednesday”
“Call 01/29/2016”
“Follow up 1/29/2014”
“Follow up in two weeks”
“Follow up in a week”
“Follow up next week”
“Call tomorrow ”
“FU tomorrow”
“Call before COB. blah blah”
“Call at beginning of next year.”
“Call beginning of next month.”
“Call beginning of next week.”
“Retry tomorrow.”
“Try Again tomorrow.”

Lucas Azevedo

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