Floating UI Troubleshooting

Floating UI Troubleshooting

Updated: 10/24/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick guide for resolving behavior where calls are not populating in the Floating UI. Throughout this guide, it is best to manually dial calls for testing purposes. If you are experiencing issues with Click to Dial, please see our Click to Dial Checklist instead.

Note: If calls are not loading for anyone in your organization, a Tenfold Admin should check if the Phone System is Connected in the Dashboard. If it is Connected, please contact Tenfold Support. If the issue only affects one or a few users, proceed with this guide.


Getting Started

The behavior displayed by the Floating UI can help isolate where we will need to begin troubleshooting.

  • If none of your calls are populating in the Floating UI, proceed to Step #1.
  • If some calls are populating in the Floating UI, skip to Step #4.
  • If manually dialed calls populate but click to dialed calls do not, see our Click to Dial Checklist instead.


Step #1: Check Your Configuration

  • Ensure sure you are using Google Chrome.
  • Ensure you have the Tenfold extension installed (Check here: chrome://extensions).
  • Log out and back in to Tenfold.
  • Complete a test call and see if it populates in the Floating UI. If the issue persists, proceed to Step #2.


Step #2: Check If Calls Are Saving to Tenfold


Step #3: Ensure Third Party Cookies Are Allowed

Tenfold uses third party cookies for Chrome Extension mechanics. Blocking these types of files will prevent the Floating UI from deploying as expected.

  • Go to your Chrome Settings
  • Search for “Third” and “Content Settings” to view the list below
  • Ensure your Settings match this example



Step #4: Try a Fresh Chrome Session

Some updates to the Chrome Extension may need to be reloaded. This is rare but possible, so clearing cookies and restarting is a good measure.

  • Go to chrome://settings/cookies and search for “Tenfold”.
  • Click “Remove all”.
  • Log out of Tenfold and restart Chrome.


Step #5: Reinstall Tenfold

Sometimes, troubleshooting will require a reinstall of the Chrome Extension.


Still Having Trouble?

Please contact our Support Team for further troubleshooting. We will be happy to investigate further to get you back up and running.

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