Floating UI Notes Guide

Floating UI Notes Guide

Updated: 4/26/2018

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for using various Features available within the Floating UI Notes.


Saving Notes

The Floating UI enables you to save details for an interaction to the selected record. You are able to go back and review these entries within the Floating UI. These can automatically save to the relevant record in your CRM as well.


Natural Language Processing

Tenfold uses natural language processing to determine when a task creation phrase has been entered. For example, you can create a follow up task simply by typing “follow up” and when it should be set. Look for a green calendar icon indicating the follow up task phrase has been detected. Upon save, Tenfold will create an open task in the CRM with a due date matching the date in the phrase.

Action Phrases include: “Call”, “Follow Up”, “FU”, “CB”, “Task”, “Remind me to call”, “Remind”, “Remind me”, “Retry”, “Try again”

Action Date Phrases include: specific days of the week, “morning”, “afternoon”, “in a week”, “in two weeks”, “in three weeks”, “next month”, “in two months”

Date Formats: You can utilize a specific month and/or day, or enter dates in the standard date format. If the date you need is not covered by an Action Date Phrase above, the best option will be utilizing a specific date.

Note: Line breaks can interfere with NLP and prevent tasks from being created correctly.


At Mention Syntax

Tenfold also detects at mention syntax. When you use the “@” symbol, you will see a list of CRM users. You can select a user with your mouse or by typing their name and Tenfold will send them an email with your notes from this interaction. This enables you to quickly inform someone about a status update or request they take related action.

Note: This Feature only works with active CRM users.


Note: More can be found regarding the Notes Setup Feature here.



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