Custom Resources

Custom Resources

Updated: 6/1/2018

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for using Custom Resources. <More explicit detail, configuration, and use cases coming to this page within the Month. Reach out to Tenfold for more information in the interim.>

What it does: Setup the queries for the resources from these records – Account, Case, Contact, Event, Lead, Opportunity, Prospect_c, Quote, Task, User:

How it works: You can use variables in a query in the Floating UI, which we’ll replace by the real value. All variables should follow the pattern {VARIABLE}.
(E.g.: select Id, Name, from CUSTOM_RESOURCE where LOOKUP_FIELD = “{id}”). Variables available:

  • id – Record ID
  • parentId – Parent ID
  • parentName – Parent Name (only available for Create URL)

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