Feature – Inbound Number (Campaign) Tracking

If you have a supported phone system, we can track the phone # your leads are calling!

How does it work?

Your phone system sends us an event indicating you are receiving an inbound call which contains a number that maps to a campaign you are running. We then log this number to a custom field on an object in your CRM. Options include

– Call Activity (Task) record
– Lead record
– Contact record
– Account record
– Custom Objects (premium plans)

To configure your CRM for Inbound Number tracking, select your CRM below

What does it look like?

The following is a sample call record in Salesforce shows how we can store an inbound number to a custom field. From here, you can build out reports that take advantage of this tracking ID.


Supported phone systems

(not exhaustive)

– Avaya
– Asterisk
– Cisco UCM
– Broadsoft
– Nextiva
– Mitel
– Digium / Switchvox
– Elastix
– any system based on Broadsoft or Asterisk
– most on-premise PBXs

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