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Updated: 10/8/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick overview of FAQs and links to relevant resources.


Does Tenfold store data from my CRM?

No. Data is fetched from your CRM in real time in conjunction with services the platform provides, but we do not store your CRM records on our servers. See our Privacy Pledge for more information.


What calls does Tenfold log to my CRM?

Tenfold makes it easy to track yours calls with automatic call logging. We will automatically save a call record to your CRM so long as the phone utilized on the call is configured to send the necessary events to Tenfold.


What information does Tenfold save for each call?

For every inbound and outbound call, unless configured otherwise, Tenfold creates a record with the following information:

  • Call Duration
  • Direction (inbound or outbound)
  • Name of user who made or received the call
  • If applicable, the inbound extension (i.e. the queue or phone number it came in on)
  • User extension (the extension of the user that answered the call)
  • Call notes entered by the user

All of this information is automatically saved to the contact/lead/account that is matched to the phone number. The only information involving manual entry is the call note function, which enables the user to add any additional information they deem relevant to the call.


Where are call logs saved to?

Tenfold saves call logs directly to your CRM. We do not store call logs.


How long does it take to setup Tenfold?

Installation of the platform takes no more than a few minutes, and we are happy to assist you with this process.


When is Tenfold Support available?

Our Support Team operates 24/7 and is available for phone and email support.

Feel free to Open a Support Case, or call our Support Line directly at: 1-512-770-9100


What browsers are compatible with Tenfold?

At this time, Tenfold is compatible with Google Chrome.


If I have users that are not in my CRM, can they still use Tenfold?

Absolutely. Our Dashboard allows you to manually create users without synchronizing them from the CRM and map their extension for call tracking. Note that this will inhibit their ability to save notes to the CRM if they do not have the necessary write access.


Do I need to have to Chrome Extension installed for call logging?

No. The Chrome Extension is what enables our Floating UI and its associated features. If you do not have it installed, call records will still be saved automatically to your CRM.


Is there an on-premise solution?

No. At this time, Tenfold is only offered as SaaS.


Does Tenfold work outside of the United States?

Absolutely. We are proud to be providing service around the globe and offer 24/7 Support for both our domestic and international clients.


Do you recommend a VoIP provider that integrates with Tenfold?

Our Integrations page provides a wide array of supported VoIP providers. If you are considering a provider not listed here, we simply need to know if their service supports a third party softphone using SIP. If so, we should be able to integrate with their service.


Does Tenfold affect call audio quality?

Tenfold has absolutely no impact on audio quality. Our platform simply interprets call events from your phone system to display relevant information and does not transmit audio data in any fashion.


Is there a specific phone number format needed for Tenfold to recognize it?

No. You are able to customize your configuration by designating the Country Codes you want Tenfold to recognize for click to dial, and the format of the phone number itself does not matter.



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