Note: Only Vonage Business accounts are supported.

In order to connect your Vonage account with the evaluation softphone you will need to register a new phone and note the following information:

– SIP/Authorization ID (eg. VH1234567)
– SIP Password
– Registrar (eg.

Instructions for registering a phone can be found here on the Vonage Support site.



Setting up the evaluation softphone

Download and install the softphone

– When you open the softphone you will be prompted to add a new account. Click the dropdown menu next to “Network” and choose “SIP (Use if VOIP Provider isn’t listed below).” Note: Do not choose the Vocalocity/Vonage option.

– Click the “Advanced” button in the bottom left corner to open the advanced settings.


– On the Account tab, enter the information as follows:
SIP id: SIP/Authorization ID@Registrar (eg.
Password: This will be your Vonage SIP Password.
Display: This can be left blank or you may choose a name to identify the extension.



– Click to the Connection tab, and enter the information as follows:
Registrar: This should be automatically filled in. If not, put the registrar you received from Vonage here (eg. and set the port to 5060.
Authorization name: This is the SIP ID (eg. VH1234567). Everything else on this page can remain as is. Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page and click “Sign In” to complete the setup.


Finishing up

In order for the Tenfold Floating UI to work properly, the organization id must be set on the softphone.

– On the softphone, click the gear icon to open the settings.

– Click the Advanced tab and choose “Org ID”. Paste your organization id into the text area. Note: You can find your organization id on your profile page in the dashboard.


– Close the settings and make a call to register this extension with the dashboard. After you make the test call you can assign the extension to the correct user in the dashboard.

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