Enabling/Disabling Users

Enabling and Disabling Users

Updated: 10/9/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for how to manage your Tenfold licenses by controlling which users are activated in your Dashboard.


Active Users

Calls for active users are tracked and logged in your CRM. If the user has installed and signed in to the Chrome Extension, they will see the Floating UI.

Every user that is enabled to use Tenfold requires a license. Enabled users have a green checkmark in the Status column, as shown below. You can change which users are activated at any time by clicking on the status button.




Non-Active Users

If you have synchronized users from your CRM, you will more than likely have extraneous people showing in the Users Tab that are not using Tenfold. Non-Active users are designated by the red X button in the Status column. These users can still log in to and view the Dashboard, but they cannot utilize the Floating UI and their calls will not automatically be saved to your CRM or Analytics.

If you wish to remove a user completely from the Dashboard, see the steps in Adding and Removing Users.


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