Enabling / Disabling and Inviting Users

Note: You must be a Tenfold admin to enable, disable and invite users.

The first user which is created for your account is the admin user. This user is enabled by default (using one license).

User management is done on the users tab of the admin dashboard:
Enabled Users

Enabled users have a green checkmark. Calls for the extensions assigned to this user will be tracked and logged in your CRM. When the user has the Chrome Extension installed an is logged in on the dashboard, they will see call Floating UI’s for the calls on every assigned extension. Each enabled user requires one purchased license.



Inviting Users

Newly added users are not enabled. Click on the invite button to enable these users. The invite button will send the user an email with a link prompting the user to set a password and download the Chrome Extension (for call popups). See a sample invitation here: Callinize Invitation


It is recommended that you configure each user’s extension before sending an invite.


Disabled Users

When you click on the status button and it turns to a red “x”, the user is disabled. Disabled users can still login on the dashboard. They will not receive call Floating UI’s  and calls to their assigned extensions will not be tracked or logged in your CRM. If you wish to remove a user completely, see Adding and Removing Users.


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