Does Tenfold support Fonality’s hosted Trixbox?

Fonality invented Trixbox. Trixbox was first created as Asterisk@Home.

Patrick Hogan one of the founders of Tenfold installed Asterisk@Home in 2006. In late 2006 the creators renamed it to Trixbox after they were sent a cease and desist letter by Digium, who had the copyright to Asterisk as a name.

Kerry Garrison and Andrew Gillis released Trixbox CE. This version became one of the most popular Asterisk based distros of that time. Kerry and Andrew worked for Fonality. Fonality released a paid version of Trixbox called Trixbox Pro. Both versions used Asterisk underneath the hood to run the switching.

Fonality later changed business strategies and stopped funding work on Trixbox CE. Trixbox CE slowly died off and FreePBX took its place. Fonality still has many clients that use Trixbox hosted version at

We have clients that signup for this version and ask us if we support it. The simple fact is we support all Asterisk based PBXs through a protocol called AMI.

If you do have access to the server

Trixbox runs Asterisk under the hood, so this should not be a problem. It does require you to have SSH access to the server. If you do have SSH access to the server, great! During signup do not select Fonality as an option, select Asterisk. When you get to the section where it asks you to edit the configuration do this

1) SSH to Trixbox server

2) Go to /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

3) Edit this file using something like vi or nano

4) Paste in at the bottom of the file the config



5) reload the asterisk config

If you do not have access to the server

If you do not have SSH access to the box. Do not worry. We support your phones directly. Fonality sells almost exclusively Polycom phones. Tenfold supports Polycom directly. Tenfold also has a direct implementation to Fonality’s click to dial. So simply go to our site and signup as Fonality. Then select Polycom and walk through the installation isntructions. You will be set.

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