Dispositions Guide

Dispositions Guide

Updated: 9/03/2017

Overview: This article provides an overview of Tenfold Dispositions and a quick walkthrough for configuring this Feature in the Dashboard.


The Value of Dispositions

Dispositions enable you to quickly assign key attributes to every call without having to navigate across multiple pages. These are fully customizable to include any picklist field and empower users on a variety of call types. For example, you can designate a Stage or Lead status as “Qualified” or “Hot” to help establish priority, while designating their “Communication Preference” at the same time. You can also record a call’s purpose or outcome with labels like “Support Call” and “Left Voicemail”.



Configuring Dispositions in the Tenfold Dashboard

Admins can adjust the Dispositions configurations in the Features tab of your Tenfold Dashboard. Please see Adding Custom Picklists for instructions on adding custom picklist fields in Salesforce.

First, select the module you would like to display the picklists for. Modules will typically be items like Lead, Contact, Account, etc.


Once you have selected the module you would like to configure, simply check the boxes of picklist items you want to see in the Floating UI and click “Save” when you are finished. You may need to reload your webpage to see the changes in your Floating UI.

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