Display Tenfold Analytics Inside Your CRM

Display Tenfold Analytics Inside Your CRM

Updated: 11/26/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick explanation of embedding Analytics in to your CRM. While this process will vary slightly from one CRM to the next, due to the difference in interfaces, we currently have a detailed guide for integration with Salesforce.


Embedding in Your CRM

Most CRMs support some form of dashlet that can load a webpage.Embedding these will enable you to view call stats along with everything else, directly inside your CRM.

Keep in mind that the terminology for “dashlet” will depend on the CRM you are utilizing. To list a few, these terms include iFrame, web tab, dashlet, and dashboard.


Getting Started

1. Locate and follow the relevant integration instructions for your CRM. A broad search term would be something like: “how to display an external website inside [your CRM].”
2. When you reach the step in these instructions requesting the external website URL, enter one of the Dashlets below. Each URL displays a different Tenfold chart.


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