Did you know you can display your Analytics Dashboard on a bigscreen TV or a dedicated monitor? This is a great way to keep your team posted on how they are doing.

Just follow these steps:

1. On the TV or computer which connects to the display monitor, login to your dashboard as a user who has permission to view the analytics you would like to display.

2. Use this sample URL for your big screen view: http://dashboard.callinize.com/analytics?tv=true&refresh=1&chart=hour&interval=day&talktime=false&groupby=false

3. Set each of the parameters below by adding the string to your URL as desired (&parameter=value):
– interval: day (default) | week | month
– refresh: 1 (default) | other valid number in minutes
– usertable: outbound (default) | inbound | false
– hideleaderboard: false (default) | true
– hideoverallcallstats: false (default) | true
– chart: false (default) | hour | user | day | weekday | week
– groupby: false (default) | user
– talktime: false (default) | true

You’re all set!

Bojan Ulemek

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