Deskphones – Local Click-to-Dial

Local click to dial requires the phone be on the same VLAN as the computer initiating the click-to-call and can be enabled for any Deskphone Integration.

1. Go to your Dashboard Profile page.

2. Click on the extension you want to use for click-to-dial.

3. If this display shows your deskphone model (i.e. Cisco, Polycom, Linksys, Yealink, Snom), then this extension is on a deskphone integration.


Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 3.58.46 PM

4. If there is an IP address shown in your extension settings and there is NO 3rd Party CTD option showing (see below), you are using local click-to-dial.

For local click-to-dial to work, your deskphone must be reachable from the computer you use for click-to-dial. Typically, this means both devices are on the same vlan. If you can open your deskphone web admin interface from this computer, then you can use local click-to-dial.

extension settings

To determine whether your network configuration will support local click-to-dial for your deskphone, follow these steps:


  1. Click the “Start” button to open the Start menu
  2. Open the “All Programs” menu, followed by the “Accessories” option.
  3. Select the “Command Prompt” option from the “Accessories” menu.
  4. Type “ping” without the quotes, replacing the “0”s with your phone’s IP address.


  1. Click Command+Space. Type “terminal”. Hit Enter.
  2. Typing “ping IP_address” replacing IP_address with yours.


If you see a message that looks like this: “64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.084 ms”, your phone and computer are on the same subnet. If not, you will need to use “3rd party click to dial” under the advanced options.

Note: If you do not know your phone’s IP address, you can check it within your phone’s settings. The location of the settings vary from phone to phone, however, it will usually be nested within “Network Settings.”


IMPORTANT: Desk phone integrations require static IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses may conflict with analytics and click to dial functionality.

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