Dashboard User Access

The Tenfold Dashboard is accessible to all logged in users.

There are 3 kinds of Tenfold dashboard users.

– Regular Users
– Team Managers
– Admins

Regular users can access

– their own profile page and assigned phone devices (extensions)
– an analytics view showing their own call stats
– (some setups) a detailed analytics view for team and team member call stats
– (some setups) detailed analytics for all users in the organization

If you would like to restrict users to see only their own analytics, please email support@tenfold.com

Team managers can access

– anything a regular user can access
– detailed analytics for any team they are configured to manageTeam managers are part of the Teams feature and are only available if Teams are part of your organization’s pricing plan. Email support@tenfold.com to find out how to get teams enabled!

Admins can access

– anything a regular user can access
– billing, crm, phone system and feature configurations
– detailed organization-wide analytics
– user and password management
– (some setups) team managementYou can enable multiple admins.An admin can be another CRM user already synchronized in Tenfold or a user with no CRM access. To create new admins, use the “Create Admin” button on the dashboard users tab. To convert an existing user to an admin, email support@tenfold.com .

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