Set a Primary Extension for Click-to-Dial

Click-to-Dial initiates a call using a specific extension. If you have multiple extensions assigned, let us know which one should be used for click-to-call.

Here’s How
1. Open your profile page.
2. Click on the extension you would like to use for click-to-dial. Set the extension to be the “Primary” if not already. (Tenfold admins can do this for any user on the users tab)
3. You may see other settings in your extension profile such as a username and password. It is very rare that you will ever need to make a change to these values. Please contact support (you can use the Support tab on this page) to find out if this is needed for your case.


If you are a Nextiva customer using a softphone for click-to-dial, be sure to set the extension which is your as the Primary click-to-dial device.

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