Registering an Extension

IMPORTANT: You can only assign an extension which has been registered.

An extension must be registered with the Tenfold cloud service before you will see the extension available on the dashboard for assignment to a user.
To register an extension, follow these steps:

1. Make a phone call to the extension or phone device you would like to register from an outside line (like a mobile phone). Alternatively, you can call any outside number from the phone device or extension you wish to register.

2. Allow enough time on the call for a Ring, Connect and Hangup event to be registered.

3. Once the call is complete, return to your dashboard profile page or the admin dashboard users page to assign the extension. If you don’t see your extension:
Try refreshing the page. If this doesn’t work…
Check with your Tenfold admin to make sure that your phone system is configured to send events to the Tenfold servers.

4. Assign the extension (device) to a user.

If you still don’t see your extension or device, please contact us at

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