Assigning an Extension to a User

Admins can assign extensions to any user on the users tab of the admin dashboard. When new extensions are detected, a big orange button appears on this view.


To assign an extension to a Tenfold user

1. Register your extension. — IMPORTANT: You can only assign an extension after it has been registered. An extension is registered when a call to or from an external number is detected for that extension. If you don’t see a new extension after making a call for registration, try refreshing the page. Read more about registering extensions here.
2. Click in the extensions field or the plus icon and begin typing an extension ID. Or click on the big orange button.


3. Make sure that the primary extension for click-to-dial is set.


1. For some phone systems, extension IDs are not the standard 3 or 4-digit extension (such as RingCentral, Nextiva and Deskphone extensions). Look to your phone system admin for help if you aren’t sure of what extension to assign. See Finding Nextiva Extension IDs and About Nextiva IDs for more info
2. You can assign more than one extension to a user, but you cannot assign a single extension to multiple users.
3. For some phone systems, Tenfold can auto-assign extensions based on matching email addresses when you click the Synchronize Users button.
4. Users can add and remove extensions on their profile page

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