Adding and Removing Users

Note: You must be a Tenfold admin to add or remove users.

There are two types of users in Tenfold:
1. Users synchronized with your CRM (discussed in this article)
2. Users which have no CRM ID (see Adding a Non-CRM User)

You can add and remove users from your tenfold account to match the user settings in your CRM at any time using the “Synchronize Users” button. This is a 1-directional synch from your CRM (Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, etc) to your tenfold account.

Adding (Synchronizing) Users
1. Make sure the user exists in your CRM and is active (enabled).
2. Make sure their CRM email address is unique. This email will be the tenfold username. If the email is used by more than one account, synchronizing users will only bring in the first account found with that email.
3. Click “Synchronize Users” on your dashboard users tab:


4. New users are disabled by default, meaning they do not use a license and cannot login on the dashboard. To invite or enable new users, see Enabling, Disabling and Inviting Users.
5. Finally, see Assigning an Extension to a New User

Removing Users

1. Make sure the user is disabled or removed in your CRM.

2. Disable the user in the tenfold dashboard.

As a Tenfold admin user, log in on the dashboard and go to the users tab: Find the user you would like to remove and make sure they are marked as “disabled”.

3. Run “Synchronize Users”

Click on the “Synchronize Users” button in the top right corner to remove the inactive user.



If adding a user and you receive an error “Failed to Add User” typically this means that the org has multiple instances and that user is tied to another organization.  What you’ll need to do is locate the user in the other organization and delete them so you may be able to add them to the new organization.

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