Setting Case Preferences with Zendesk Integration


This article will help to explain setting up case preferences within the Tenfold Floating UI with a Zendesk integration. Different organizations will have different objectives on how they want to relate calls to cases within a support help center, and with Tenfold that process is made simple with use of the Floating UI.

Note: Case creation and relation is available on our Teams and Enterprise plans.


Auto-Relate Case

This feature preference will enable Tenfold to auto-relate calls to open cases within your Support Center. Quick case relation can be useful if a support agent dials out a call to the user who reported the problem, if they want to quickly discuss more datapoints on the problem and quickly relate the activity to the open case.

To enable, go to the Tenfold admin dashboard, click the “Features” tab and “Cases.” The prompt screen will look like this:

If the agent ever needs to manually assign a call to a case, or un-assign a case, they can do so by using the “Briefcase” icon in the Tenfold Floating UI. All open cases will be shown that relate to the entity on the call.

Show Cases Related to a Contact Only

If you have entities within your system outside of the “Contacts” module, you can configure Tenfold to only pull in cases related to Contacts. This will effectively prevent agents from assigning cases to undesired Account entities, or custom modules, etc.

Show Closed Cases

In some cases, users will call into a help center to notify the team that their issue was not, in fact, resolved. Enabling “Show Closed Cases” will allow agents to relate calls to cases that have already been closed within your help center, in instances where they may need to revisit an older case and so on.

Creating Cases

If any of the use cases above don’t apply, an agent can quickly generate a new case for the entity directly from within the Floating UI as shown below. Note: Any web-hooks configured with your help desk instance that automatically send replies, etc will also apply:

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