If you experience a problem with how Tenfold handles calls, it may be due to how your phone system posts events. Don’t worry!! If you can reproduce the behavior, we can adjust for it. Ask your Tenfold admin to send us a call sequence following the steps below.

VERY IMPORTANT: Collect your call sequence when few calls are happening in your org. This allows us to zoom in on the issue much faster.

Open the Call Sequence page (only the admin can do this).

1. Go to http://dashboard.callinize.com/callsequence

2. OR click on “troubleshooting”, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the call sequence tool button


Create a new sequence with a useful title like “Manual outbound dial to phone # xxxxxxxxxx”.

Perform the steps required to replicate the reported call issue. For example:
– If you are not able to see Floating UI on an inbound call, then make an inbound test call.
– If you notice that the call Floating UI does not find a matching record you expect to find in your CRM, make a call to this lead.
– If you notice that certain calls do not terminate in the Floating UI view, initiate the call sequence before one of these calls, wait for the call to happen or force the call to happen and then stop the sequence when the call ends.

Send us the URL or notify us at support@tenfold.com

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