Please follow these steps to connect to Zoho CRM:
1. Navigate to the CRM page:
2. Select Zoho in dropdown menu.
3. Enter your Zoho email address and password.
4. Click Save button.


If you are getting an error “Insufficient Auth Tokens”, it may be that you have already used all of your auth tokens. Please check here:



Our Team and Enterprise customers may take advantage of searching additional fields on our Search By Name screen.

To setup additional search fields navigate to Setup > Customization > Search Layout. Below is a screencap that demonstrates how to setup additional search fields in Zoho. In this example I’m going to enable searching by Department and Twitter handle.


With these additional fields now searchable I can type in department names in the Floating UI to search for matching records.


Your phone system integration may take a little more work, but if you follow the instructions provided, you’ll have ZOHO connected to your phones in no time!


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