How to connect SugarCRM

Last updated: 08/06/17

Note: Please verify that you are using a supported flavor & and version of SugarCRM before connecting. To see what versions of SugarCRM are supported, click HERE.


This article will provide a surface level explanation of how to connect your SugarCRM with Tenfold.


Before connecting SugarCRM, make sure you address this following:

*If your Sugar instance is hosted locally behind a firewall (the IP address is 192.XXX.XXX.XXX or 10.XXX.XXX.XXX), please reach out to our support team HERE for assistance whitelisting required IP address.

Please follow these steps to connect to SugarCRM:

  1.    Navigate to the CRM page in Tenfold Dashboard:
  2.   Enter your username, password, sugar root URL and Sugar version.
  3.   Click Save button.

Or you can watch this video:



  1. Sign in to, verify that SugarCRM has is selected in Company Settings > CRM
  2. Enter your SugarCRM url and admin Login.

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