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Salesforce Integration Guide

Salesforce Integration Guide

Updated: 8/15/2016

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for connecting your Salesforce instance to your Tenfold Dashboard.

Salesforce Integration Video


Please follow these steps to connect to Salesforce:
1. Navigate to the CRM Dashboard page
2. Select Salesforce from the dropdown menu
3. Click on ‘Connect With Production’ button
4. A Floating UI window will open. Enter your Salesforce login credentials in Floating UI window and allow access to Tenfold. If you are already logged into Salesforce with the desired user account, connection will be established via oAuth.

Required Permissions

If you would like to leverage a user account with customized permissions and settings, a comprehensive list of the fields and objects that Tenfold will require access to can be found in the following article here.

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