IMPORTANT: Desk phone integrations require static IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses may conflict with analytics and click to dial functionality.


1. Find phone’s IP address
See: How to find your Polycom IP address
2. Open the phone webadmin page

Enter the IP address from step #1 in your URL bar.


(be sure you include the http:// or https:// in front)

If you see the following page, there are 3 possible problems. Use this article to troubleshoot: Webpage is not available (Deskphone Integration).




3. Login

Common Defaults:

SoundPoint Series
– Username: Admin Password: 456 -or- 72227 -or- blank
– Username: user Password: blank

VVX Series
– Login As: User Password: 123 -or- 456 -or- blank
– Login As: Admin Password: 456 -or- 72227 -or- 8647 -or- blank

Logins by Phone Vendor:
– If you are using RingCentral, follow the instructions here.
– If you are using 8×8, follow the instructions here.


4. Open Settings –> Applications


5. Add your notification URL

Find your notification URL in the setup wizard instructions or on your Admin Dashboard Phone Page.


6. Enable sending all events


7. Enable Push Notification for click-to-dial

Allow Push Messages:
– For SoundPoint Series Select: Both
– For VVX Series Select: All

Application Server Root URL:
– For SoundPoint Series: (leave blank)
– For VVX Series Enter: /push

Username: callinize
Password: FarlYQP4T5ILNapFuDQuAZki2


8. Register a test call

Call an external # from this extension or call this extension from an external #. This registers your phone with us!

9. Enable Security Requirements

If your firmware version is 5.x, Enable New Firmware Security Requirements

SoundPoint IP 330/320 – (unsupported. discontinued by Polycom)
– SoundPoint IP 501, 601, 550, 650, 670 Firmware version 4.x and higher required.

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