Infusionsoft Integration

Please follow these steps to connect to Infusionsoft:
1. Navigate to the Dashboard CRM page
2. Select Infusion in dropdown menu
3. Enter your Infusionsoft API key and URL
4. Click “Save” button


How to obtain Infusionsoft API key?

1. Go to Admin > Settings in the master nav.


2. Click on Application in the settings menu.


3. Scroll down to the API section and enter a passphrase in the text box. The API Passphrase is simply a password, or series of words that will be used to generate your unique API key. Be sure to remember your passphrase if you ever need to generate your API key again.


4. After you enter a Passphrase, click on the Save button to generate the API key.


5. Paste this key into API key text field on the CRM Page.


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