tenfold <v>: to recognize a caller by way of important details saved about them (such as previous call history, title, company and other details). We tenfolded this lead today and closed a sale because we remembered his birthday!

While using Tenfold, you will encounter several different tools and views that help you get to the information that you need. These components are:

The Floating UI

The Floating UI is part of the Tenfold Chrome Extension. Read more about the Floating UI here.


The Tenfold Chrome Extension

You will see the Tenfold Extension in the top right corner of your browser window. Clicking this icon shows your call history. The icon with an arrow at the top will show you the last call that was made or received. The binoculars will show you a tour of Tenfold and the bars open your Tenfold Extension settings.


The Tenfold Dashboard


Read more about the Tenfold Dashboard here.



The Tenfold Softphone

You may or may not use the Tenfold Softphone. The softphone allows you to make and receive calls from your computer. It is called a softphone because “soft” is short for software and the entire phone is built in software rather than built in hardware that physically sits on your desk.


Bojan Ulemek

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