Collecting Page HTML

Collecting Page HTML

Updated: 11/1/2017

Overview: This article provides a walkthrough for gathering webpage HTML.


Collecting HTML via JavaScript Console

Sometimes you may find a place where click to dial does not work as expected. To better isolate where the issue resides, we sometimes need to see the webpage HTML.The following steps will walk you through gathering this information:

1. Load the page where you are having the click to dial issue

2. Take a screenshot of the entire webpage, including the URL

3. Turn off click to dial under Settings in the Chrome Extension

4. In Chrome, select View > Developer > JavaScript Console


6. Click on “Elements” in the upper left corner.


7. Right click on the first <html> option listed and select “Edit as HTML”


8. The box will become editable. Choose “Select all” and copy it.


9. Paste this into a text document and email it to your Support Engineer.






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